words of wisdom

If you understand how playlist shuffle game works, this is the same but a little bit different.


1. There should be one person willing to sacrifice himself as an offer to the members. (A.K.A Moderator)
2. The moderator should ask questions along with a page number, a paragraph number, and a sentence number.
3. The players will answer it according to what the book states!

ModeratorWhat is in your dream yesterday? Answer is on page 3, paragraph 2, sentence 25! (note that if a number is limited and there are no 25 sentences, you should continue to count it from the first sentence until you get #25; this ALSO applies to paragraph #.)
Answer:  Uncle Vernon had been treating him like a bomb that might go off at any moment, because Harry Potter wasn’t a normal boy.
[FROM THE BOOK: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.]

[출처] WORDS OF WISDOM!|작성자 mxykh


DESCRIPTION: SK or WW, both of them aims to kill villagers. Protect yourselves and don't trust anyone!!!


this is almost the same as mafia but more characters and functions. there will be 2 phases again: the day and the night.
the game always starts at night where special roles can perform such actions (which is listed below) and then the outcomes of what happened during the night will be explained in the day. also, during the day, the villagers or those who survived (including the werewolves) will have a chance to lynch someone! dead players cannot lynch and participate anymore.

by lynching, it means you are voting someone to be put in trial because you think he/she is the werewolf. if proven guilty, he/she will be killed!
regarding the actions during the night and lynching during the day: it should be sent to the moderator's dm.

basic stuff to do according to your roles: [if you don't understand your role, ask the host before it starts]

villager - night and day: try to survive
werewolf - night: you get to eat or kill people
drunk - night and day: a villager but acts drunk *hik* every day
seer - night: can choose a member to reveal their role
cursed - normal villager, when gets eaten by wolves/mafias, the cursed becomes one of them as well
harlot - night: can choose a player to visit to have fun!
beholder - you'll be told who the seer is on the start of the game
gunner - day: can kill someone they want to, but his identity will be known (2 bullets)
traitor - if all the killer dies, that's when you'll become a werewolf
guardian angel - night: you get to save someone each night (even yourself)
detective/police - night: can get hints about one of the werewolf, if you choose the correct werewolf before you die, you survive
apprentice seer - will only become a seer once the real seer dies
cultist - night: have a chance to turn players to become a part of your cult
cultist hunter - night: can choose a player to attack to. (they will not die if they are not a cult member)
wild child - you can choose a role model, if they die, you become a wolf.
fool - a fake seer, the mod will only give random answers to him until the end.
mason - villagers, will know who the other villagers as well
doppelganger - on the start of the game, you can choose a member you want to be when they die. it will only work when they die.
cupid - you have the chance to pair 2 players into lovers. if one of them dies, the other dies as well.
hunter - if someone tries to visit you, you will shoot them
serial killer - has no team, and can kill anyone. night: can choose to kill or not
tanner - has also no team, the only goal of tanner is to get lynched/voted by the members to win

truth or truth

TRUTH OR TRUTH (normal version)

A game where you should tell the truth and nothing but the truth!


1. All players except the current player should ask or give him a question.

2. The player should answer all of those.

3. This is usually done in direct messages.

TRUTH OR TRUTH with emoji version.

A game where players ask questions and you have to answer it on timeline. Very similar to top 3 and number game but all players answer all the questions with the emoji codename of the player.

1. All players must be added to a group direct message.
2. In each turn, player should ask any question with an emoji.
Example: //// What would you do if one day there's no internet?
3. Everyone will answer the question in timeline.
4. Any player may create a thread or not.


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